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Interested Employers

For employers looking to employ an APRN, email your information to the Technology Chairperson.  The contact information for the Technology Chairperson is listed below.  Employment opportunity postings are a benefit of membership in CANAP.  Therefore, job opportunities will be posted in the member's only section of this website and will not be available for viewing by non-members.  If approved, rest assured your posting will be accessible by all members.  A screen-shot of the posting can be provided upon request.  Local job listings will remain posted for three months unless an extension is requested. Non-local job listings (outside our membership area) will be posted for one month only, no extensions.  Donations are gladly accepted from employers for this service but are not expected.  Please click here for further information on making a donation to our organization.  As a courtesy, please provide notice when the position has been filled.


Education Program Sponsors

If you are a pharmaceutical or healthcare representative who is interested in sponsoring one of our monthly educational dinner programs, please contact the Education Program Chairperson directly.  The contact information for the Education Program Chairperson is listed below. Click Here for some important information about sponsoring an educational dinner program for CANAP.



If you have any questions about our organization, please feel free to contact us.





Jateum Blackburn, FNP-C




The President attends and presides at meetings of the board and membership.  The President serves as ex-officio member of the standing committees and is responsible for appointing the chairpersons to these committees.  The President is responsible for fostering strong leadership and providing guidance that enables CANAP to accomplish its mission and goals.  The President is the primary administrator of our website and should ensure all website responsibilities by Chairpersons are being maintained.












Roxanne Phillips, MSN, APRN, NP-C




The President-Elect should attend meetings of the board and membership and preside at meetings in the absence of the President.  The President-Elect serves as a member of the by-laws committee and as Scholarship Chairperson and assists the secretary in the monthly newsletter. 

The President-Elect assumes the Presidency when the President's term ends or in a situation where the President could not continue in the position.












Veronica O'Steen, FNP-C




The Secretary shall attend meetings of the board and membership and keep minutes of the board and membership meetings and maintain the minutes on our website.  The Secretary should notify members and board members of meetings and prepare sign-in sheets for meetings.  The Secretary is responsible for creating and emailing the organization newsletter and also for emailing necessary information to members and contacts when necessary.  The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the Newsletter, Meeting Minutes, By-Laws, and Treasury Reports pages of our website.











Kristy McPherson




The Treasurer shall attend meetings of the board and membership, collect dues and disperse funds, and present an accounting report to the members quarterly (March, June, September, and December).  The Treasurer should also prepare a year end report and present to members.  The Treasurer should manage the donations and treasury reports pages of our website.











 Robyn Tobias

 Membership Chairperson


The Membership Chairperson and the Membership Committee coordinate the recruitment and registration of new members, and the renewal of all other members.  This committee is responsible for updating member information and coordinate the production and maintenance of the member directory.  The Membership Chairperson is responsible for maintaining the membership aspects of our website.







Carol Johnson

Education Program Chairperson


The Education / Program Chairperson and the Education / Program Committee plan, schedule, and supervise the educational programs and events of CANAP, and coordinate the learning opportunities made available to this organization.  The Education Program Chairperson works closely with outside organizations who sponsor our education programs and is also responsible for maintaining the events page, calendars, and RSVP components of our website.













Ann Geraci, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC


Legislative Chairperson


The Legislative Chairperson and the Legislative Committee are responsible for advising and recommending to the membership actions that impact advanced nursing practice.  This committee studies issues that are part of, or may require, state or national legislation that will affect the practice of the APRN and will recommend, when feasible, action on specific issues.  The Legislative Chairperson is also responsible for maintaining the legislative page of our website.












Nancy Cassady


Marketing/PR Chairperson


The Marketing / Public Relations Chairperson and the Marketing / Public Relations Committee evaluates attitudes of the membership and community in relation to CANAP and plan programs to enhance understanding and acceptance of advanced practice registered nurses in this region.  This committee is also responsible for press releases and publicity events.  The responsibility of CANAP merchandise falls under this committee also.










Roxanne Phillips, MSN, APRN, NP-C


Scholarship Chairperson


The Scholarship Chairperson and the Scholarship Committee are responsible for requesting and reviewing applications for scholarships offered by CANAP.








Sally Chumney, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC


By-Laws Chairperson


The By-Laws Chairperson and the By-Laws Committee are responsible for reviewing and recommending revision of the by-laws where and when appropriate.












Denise O'Neal, FNP-C 

Nominations Chairperson


The Nominating Chairperson and the Nominating Committee are responsible for preparing a slate of candidates for elections.
















 Deborah Gaddis, MSN, APRN, NP-C

Technology Chairperson


The Technology Chairperson and the Technology Committee evaluate, implement, and maintain available technologies for utilization by the organization.  The Technology Chairperson is responsible for maintaining the full functionality of our website and to serve as a resource to other board members who have website responsibilities and also maintains the employment and continuing education pages of our website.




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